Disc Spring Washer

Disc Spring Washer

Disc spring Washers are conically formed angular discs which are loaded in the axial direction. They can be statically loaded as well subject to continuous dynamic loads. They can be used as single disc or in multiple stack combination to achieve desired deflections and characteristics. Compared to a coil spring, a disc spring achieves economy in design and reduces the cost of the overall assembly by the maximum utilization of space.

Disc Springs offer a well-developed solution to many engineering problems through a unique combination of high force in a small space. Disc Springs can be used as single disc or arranged in stacks. A spring stack can consist of either single spring or parallel spring sets. Disc Springs are available with or without contact flats. Disc Springs and Belleville Washers are manufactured to DIN 2093 and DIN 6796. Disc Spring stacks may be designed for extremely high loads where coil springs are not feasible at all. The standard disc springs shown are generally available from stock. We can make many special sizes to customer requirements. Engineering assistance is available upon request.

Disc Springs are manufactured to DIN 2093. Materials 50CrV4 and C-80 and all parts are AUSTEMPERED. This method of heat treatment is particularly effective for springs as it gives the maximum toughness and therefore considerable durability.

Advantages of Disc Spring Washer

  • Wide range of load deflection characteristics such as straight line, progressive and regressive.
  • Flexibility in stack arrangement in order to achieve a desired performance.
  • Stock is minimized as the individual spring sizes can be combined universally.
  • Space saving and self damping (especially when stacked in parallel).
  • No Deformation or Fatigue under normal loads. Longer fatigue life.
  • Simplified inventory, an individual spring size can be used for a wide range of applications.
  • High Energy Storage Capacity.
  • Largely Self-damping, giving good shock absorption and energy dissipation.
  • Efficient use of space and high spring force with small deflections.
  • Adaptable to stacking in numerous configurations.
  • Combination use as a modular spring element.
  • Low maintenance cost and Long Service Life.

Features of Disc Spring Washer

  • Greater security of operation service, as failure of one Disc Spring element within a stack does not totally lead of failure of entire assembly.
  • Spring load achieved by reciprocally alternating disc.
  • Axial load achieved by application of guide bolt or sleeve.
  • High damping capacity through friction, which can be increased by parallel stacking.
  • Load, stack height and travel can be determined and changed as needed.
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